Tim Harford OBE

Probably the best popular economics and data writer in the world

> World-renowned Behavioural Economist
> Award-winning Financial Times columnist
> Author of How to Make the World Add Up
> Popular BBC Broadcaster


One of the foremost writers in economics, Tim’s debut book ‘The Undercover Economist’ sold almost two million copies.

Tim’s Award-Winning broadcast work includes More or Less and How to Vaccinate the World on Radio 4 and the podcast series, Cautionary Tales.


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Senior Data Management & Operational Governance Manager at Sainsburys

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Head of Commercial Technology

Tim Harford OBE

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Technical Director EMEA

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Director of Strategic Architecture, EMEA

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VP, Group Data Manager

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Chandrashekar LSP

Chief Evangelist, Zoho BI & Analytics Platform

Paul Laughlin


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Head of Data

George Livingston

Senior Director, Software Engineering

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Data Excellence VP

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Founder and CEO

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Global Head of Data & Digital Technology Product

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Mike Penrose

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Chief Data Scientist

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Product Manager, Data Tools

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Product Manager

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Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Aravind Ravindran

Data Engineer

Terry Ray

SVP and Imperva Fellow

Paige Roberts

Open Source Relations Manager

Dan Robertson

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Ian Robinson

Principal Graph Architect for AWS

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Head of Data & Analytics

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Group Technology Evengelist

Ben Schein

Vice President of Data Curiosity

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Co-Founder & CPO

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CEO & Co-Founder

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Senior Program Manager

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Head of Customer Data Science

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Head Of BI, Data Platform & Reporting Applications

Ben Stopford

Lead Technologist, Office of the CTO

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Group Head of GIS

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Machine Learning Engineer

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Director of Product Marketing

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VP of Research and Education

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Strategic Customer Advisory Director - Financial Services

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Field CTO & Global Technology Advisor

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Performance Data Lead - EIS Initiatives

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Director of Engineering

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Strategic Director and European CEO/Co-Founder

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Developer Advocate

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Data Scientist

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Head of Software Engineering & IT Operations, Data Services Directorate, NHS Digital

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Industry Analyst

Stijn “Stan” Christiaens

Chief Data Citizen