Saurbh Khera

Co-Founder and CEO


Saurbh Khera is a technology entrepreneur with a passion for identifying transformational ideas and building them into strong companies. As CEO and Founder of ZenOptics Inc., Saurbh is responsible for managing the overall vision, strategy and business execution for the company. He founded ZenOptics, realizing that in today’s self-service BI and analytics world, enterprises seek a unified view of all their intelligence assets that are locked away in multiple silos. He believes in building and leveraging the power of strong partnerships to evangelize federated intelligence for customers. Prior to ZenOptics, Saurbh has founded multiple companies in the BI and analytics services landscape, seen one of them through an acquisition, and the other continues to be a self-sufficient company. He holds a dual bachelor’s degree in computer science from Manipal Institute of Technology, India, and Andrews University in Michigan.